I’m sitting on the train home from work. Today was the first day of my Big Project, where I get to do all the fun UI stuff, and it was, really fun. I got so much work done. Solved all the problems, deleted code(this is the best thing a programmer can do), got the rebrand underway. It was brilliant

I drove into work today. I didn’t fancy burning all my petrol on such a nice day, so I took my bag with me and read my book (Creativity, Inc) on the train

I was getting the train home from work. At the last stop before mine, reading my book. The smell of freshly cut grass came in the train, and it just hit me. I’m alive, and I’m actually happy. Normally I’d say I’m a pretty happy guy, but there’s usually a couple of things bubbling under the surface that I don’t bother telling people. I’m always scared of imposing people of I ask for help, so I try keep myself to myself as much as I can. But today, coming home, I was happy.

There’s summer in the air, I can smell and see it. Work is great again, I’m enjoying my work, I didn’t get screwed over on my pay like last year. I’m still not seeing many friends which is bad, but I’ve got a lady I care about now(hiya). I’m actually happy.

Maybe it’s just the summer, maybe it’s just the brief light at the end of the tunnel of work. But yeah, I’ve got it together somewhat