Had to shred some documents. Broke the shredder. So decided to burn them. Didn’t really think it through

I want to see you smile again
Like diamonds in the dust
The amazing sound of the killing hordes
The day the banks collapse on us


When I’m at the pearly gates, this’ll be on my videotape.

Mephistopheles is just beneath, and he’s reaching up to grab me…

This is one for the good days, and I have it all here, in red blue green.

You are my center when I spin away out of control on videotape.


Cassetteboy - Cameron’s Conference Rap

I’m hardcore and I know the score
And I am disgusted by the poor
And my chums matter more
Because we are the law
And I’ve made sure
We’re ready for class war…

It is a social disaster
That makes our hearts beat faster
Now, I am you master
The last thing this country needs is
Us, the Conservatives
Worse than the alternative
We don’t care 
if you’re driven to despair
Don’t you dare say 
It’s not fair
I’m not saying it’s not funny
It is for me, I’ve got loads of money