My hotel view in Nottingham. Hi scary transformer thing!

I might regret these photos. I always forget how skinny I actually am, and sometimes it does get me down a wee bit. But hey, today I’m wearing my fav jeans, t shirt and boxers, so fuck the rules. I bet I chicken out and delete the second photo though

I don’t want to know what shortcuts have been taken to make this possible over so many dishes

The one on youtube is all wonky so here is a proper version. Fun fact: This song is impossible to search for., since this song is now the name of Thom Yorke’s other band, and the album this song was on, is also a name of a song on the same album. Anyway, 4:25 onwards, that whine, whistle, drone, whatever you wanna call it, as it changes frequency is gorgeous. <333

neurons 1


visual inspiration:

(via alaska-alaska)

So a touch over a year ago, I was breaking my balls at work to make my iOS usable by visually impaired people. I never got asked to do it, and no one thought it was that important but I knew it was The Right Thing To Do. Fast forward to this afternoon, turns out My company did actually get a lot of feedback from visually impaired people saying “thank you for taking this time to make this app work for me”. Heart. Warmed. You are welcome visually impaired people!

Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace - I Froze Up - 2010-04-10 Chicago - YouTube


I froze up is perfect anyway, but these bits push it over the edge

1. “It didn’t really make it in at the time, but it’s still there”
2. “You will stop his heart from beating
You will stop his mouth from singing
Come inside my heart
Walk down these corridors”

HEY KIDS REMEMBER THIS (nepotism???/?>)

was thinking, these words, they are in my head right now. cozzzzz this is me at work. don’t wanna get too dramatic and oo i am creative stick it to the man(actually i really do), BUT, man at work, I’m The Guy Who Cares, and my project lead doesnt and cares more about targets and doing what hes told. its us v them. Im the artistsan, he’s the beuaracrat. when he tries to logicaliy think out what i do, i fall apart and don’t wanna carry on. i just want him to follow my lead, come inside my heart, walk down these corridors. I promise you’d be magic. 

If you try to strangle or skylark

Try to cut it up, to see how it works,

You will stop his heart from beating,

You will stop his mouth from signing,

Come inside my heart,

Walk down these corridors

I can't stop thinking about Jonny Greenwood. It's ruining my life. *sigh*



Let us all look at this picture, join hands, and take a moment for those whose lives have been ruined by Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood.

You are not alone.

how to look good in pink woollen jumpers? do this




4th – 21st April 2014The world-renowned biennial festival of contemporary art always showcases the elite of local and international art. The festival returns for its sixth edition this year, taking place in various venues and locations across the city, including Glasgow’s major art spaces and cultural institutions. The ambitious programme will include exhibitions, talks, events, performances and projects by international and Glasgow-based artists.

A glimpse into the agenda:

ANNE COLLIER (4 Apr – 7 Jun) The Modern Institute

JORDAN WOLFSON (4 Apr – 21 Apr) McLellan Galleries


Saw an advert for this in the way to work on Friday. Kindaaaaa up 4 it;

"Technically speaking, one can work on music on their own—and people do—but I don’t find that very stimulating. Even if it’s only just one thing, one idea that someone else throws in my direction in the process of making something, it will make a massive difference. It takes you out of whatever creative patterns you have in your head, which is totally essential for me to doing anything that might actually be interesting and needs to involve other people."

I’m not gonna pretend my app work is as creative as music, or that I am as gifted as Thom Yorke. But I Realllyy get this. Every idea that I come up with and try implement on my own I just get bored with, but at work, when someone chips in with just a little bit of encouragement, or an idea, it pushes me so far.

Course when I am 40 I’m gonna thing I’m acting an immature prick just now an they were always right. So it goes

I got into trouble at work for sending (deliberately) badly spelled email to someone, that was also visible to other employees on an internal website. I get that it’s not very professional, but I’d rather not do anything than not have fun. It’s annoying cause I know I’ve bring everything on myself, and none of this had to happen, but this job is becoming the light wiping out my batteries, as thom yorke would say. If I had a choice….


Serenity, please.